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CRIBWARE® CRIBPOINT Vending is a versatile, rugged, low-cost industrial point-of-use dispensing system for safety supplies, cutting tools, welding accessories and other supplies. More robust and versatile than consumer-grade vending machines, these units work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! A unique tray design makes reconfiguring the machine a breeze. Helices can be repositioned, exchanged for a different pitch, or even driven in tandem, without tools. Exclusive dispensing aids and adapters enable the issuing of parts with irregular geometry, dramatically reducing the need for repackaging and ensure trouble-free dispensing in even the most challenging industrial environments. A unique easily-reconfigurable helix design provides flexibility that can meet your dispensing needs today and for many years to come.


  • Items issued at the point-of-use
  • High volume item control
  • Network-ready for flexible positioning in your facility
  • Configured to dispense a wide array of products
  • Economical and dependable operation.
  • Vend-validation technology
  • Easy to learn touch screen user interface
  • Bar code reader enabled
  • Flexible screen positioning for restocking as well as issuing
  • Tracks item consumption
  • Reorder/restock notification


  • Individual Item Dispensing
    Items can be dispensed individually or as packages.

  • Absolute control
    Reduces shrinkage and increases security.

  • Point-of-Use Availability
    Items are stored and available where they are needed and used.

  • Secure Inventory Storage
    Secure in a rugged cabinet under computer control.

  • 7-day, 24-hour Control
    Available anytime, controlled all the time.

  • Single Software Interface
    Simple operations reduce training needs.

  • Quick Item Issue
    Utilizes bar code technology to improve accuracy, efficiency and user acceptance.

  • Networked to CRIBWARE
    The CRIBPOINT activity is monitored, controlled and reported by the CRIBWARE® system.

Cost Justification

CRIBPOINT Vending solutions provide many opportunities for cost savings and productivity improvements:
  • Consumable reduction through usage tracking;
  • Stockroom staffing time reduction;
  • Point of use availability - reduced walking time;
  • Purchase order cost reduction through automatic purchasing;
  • Lower expediting costs - online availability of material;
  • CRIBWARE optimized replenishment - inventory reduction;
  • Management involvement in routine processes, expediting and tool and supply searches eliminated.
Bar Code Integration
CRIBWARE bar code technology offers simple, accurate and cost effective data collection. The wedge barcode reader is an effective tool for entering usernames, passwords and item part numbers. Additionally, easy one-step printing of bar code labels are available within the CRIBWARE system.
Vend Validation
Verified-Vend technology senses when vends are complete and provides an "electronic nudge" when needed, to ensure proper dispensing.
Return Bin
A return bin provides space for recycled material or items to be reworked or reground.
Self Serve Technology
Touch screen technology simplifies the human/machine interface. CRIBWARE Self Serve reduces operation complexity, simplifies tasks, and reduces training time, while adding more capabilities to the vending machine itself. A large 15" touch monitor is mounted on a flexible arm, making the touch monitor available for use in both check out and restock operations. Intuitive Self Serve features include:
  • Large buttons and graphical icons;
  • Onscreen keyboard permits alphanumeric part numbers and employee codes
  • Optimized for bar code scanning
  • Usage history by CRIBWARE tracking parameters
  • Restock and setup at the vending machine
  • Windows-based PC controls all vending machine operations

Locker control
CRIBPOINT Lockers may be added to all CRIBPOINT vending machines and come in several sizes for controlling returnable items and items that will not fit helical machines. Each locker has a clear front door, lighted interior and a LED light to identify the selected door. More locker information...


Mid size 40 count Vending Machine

uniquely suited for decentralized storage in works cells or departments


Full size 60 count Vending Machine

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