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CRIBPOINT Rotoflex™ is a bin flexible, industrial dispensing and return capable system for a wide range of items. The CRIBPOINT Rotoflex has flexible bins located on three rotary storage stacks. Each stack has eight columns that can be subdivided into up to 60 individual compartments for flexible compartment utilization. The items are accessed through dual apposing tambour doors that open vertically to reveal only the selected item in the compartment. This door design allows compartments size from 2 inches to 60 inches high. Reconfiguration of storage compartments is quickly accomplished by removing a bin retainer and repositioning the shelf to the new desired location. This unparalleled flexibility earns the Rotoflex name. Depending upon item size and bin configuration, the CRIBPOINT Rotoflex stores and dispenses approximately 500 items.


  • Flexible bin height configurations for the control of geometrically challenging items.
  • Store items up to 60 inches in length.
  • Items issued at the point-of-use, tracks consumption.
  • Touch screen control for ease-of-use.
  • Network-ready for flexible positioning in your facility.
  • Configured to dispense a wide array of products.
  • Economical and dependable operation.
  • Easy to learn touch screen interface.
  • Bar code reader enabled, optional HID and Magnetic Stripe Readers.
  • Reorder/restock notification.
  • Networked to CRIBWARE® software and other CRIBPOINT solutions.

Three stacks with 8 columns 50 inches highRectangular and Triangular shape for better product utilization

Shape Size Column Quantity Maximum Compartment Maximum Height
Triangle 3.25” deep x 4.5 “ wide
3” to 60" tall
12 240 60”
Rectangle 6.5“ deep x 4.5“ wide
3” to 60" tall
6 120 60”
Rectangle .25“ deep x 4.5“ wide
3” to 60" tall
6 120 60”



  • Individual Item Dispensing
    Flexible bins for dispensing desired usage quantity. Items do not drop; allowing for fragile or heavy items dispensing.
  • Absolute Control
    Authorized usage and accountability tracking. Restriction of item usage in a set time period to reduce consumption.
  • Point-of-Use Availability
    Items are stored and available where they are needed and used.
  • Secure Inventory Storage
    Reduces shrinkage and increases security.
  • 7-day, 24-hour Control
    Available anytime, controlled all the time.
  • Single Software Interface
    Simple operations reduce training needs.
  • Networked to CRIBWARE
    The CRIBPOINT Rotofex activity is monitored, controlled and reported by the CRIBWAREŽ system.

Cost Justification

CRIBPOINT Vending solutions provide many opportunities for cost savings and productivity improvements:
  • Consumable reduction through usage tracking
  • Stockroom staffing time reduction
  • Point of use availability - reduced walking time
  • Purchase order cost reduction through automatic purchasing
  • Lower expediting costs - online availability of material
  • CRIBWARE optimized replenishment - inventory reduction and carrying costs
  • Management involvement in routine processes, expediting and tool and supply searches eliminated.

The Power of CRIBWARE
CRIBPOINT Rotoflex utilizes the powerful CRIBWARE software, blending inventory control technologies with process activities to extend control to all aspects of your material storage and usage needs. CRIBWARE sets itself apart from other stock management systems by offering complete planning, inventory control, purchasing, cost and usage monitoring, in a comfortable user interface.

Centralization of Information
The CRIBWARE backbone upon which CRIBPOINT technology is built, provides centralized monitoring to assure process efficiency, standardization and cost control. This is a complete, scalable, multi-user software system that delivers:
  • Connectivity between all usage and storage points,
  • Global consumption/usage tracking,
  • Location/machine specific order point and reorder quantities,
  • Purchasing has access to higher centralized volume for vendor discounts,
  • Multi vendor choices for best product and price,
  • Reports and analysis tools to provide immediate and comprehensive information by machine or entire facility.

Management Reporting
Reporting is an integral part of the CRIBWARE system. It provides the tools to review, analyze, document and export CRIBWARE information. Reports are organized by categories and sub-categories for broad view or detail-rich information. With over 350 reports available for viewing, exporting and/or printing, CRIBWARE reports are robust and graphically pleasing and present the information quickly and easily.




Field proven...

the first tabour door machine of its kind on the market.

CRIBPOINT Rotoflex Literature
Securely Store

  • Adhesives, Glue
  • Abrasives
  • Batteries, Chargers
  • Cutting tools
  • Computer supplies
  • Gages, Meters
  • Gloves, Wipes, Swabs
  • Hand and Power tools
  • Lubricants
  • Office supplies
  • MRO items
  • Parts
  • Punches and Dies
  • Safety supplies
  • Solder, Tips
  • Tape
  • Tool assemblies
  • Welding supplies

With an intuitive user interface, optional touch screen display and bar code scanning technology, item selection is easy, quick and accurate. SelfServe is not limited to just issuing items; returning, cabinet restocking, purchase order receiving, and inventory adjustments can also be performed. SelfServe technology offers:
  • Large buttons and graphical icons,
  • On-screen keyboard for full alphanumeric data entry,
  • Optimized bar code label and HID card reading,
  • Usage history by multiple tracking parameters,
  • Limited employee access to specific products and/or quantities,
  • Restock and setup at the vending machine,
  • Multiple and mixed secure storage technologies management.


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