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  CRIBWARE Stock Supervisor

CRIBWARE® Stock Supervisor provides secure and easy access to material stored in Lista cabinets. Utilizing the Lista e-Lock mechanism, the cabinet is unlocked using password control, and automatically re-locks to restrict access. The user quickly scans the items to be removed using a bar code reader, and the CRIBWARE software tracks the material usage, reordering when the stock runs low.

Standard Lista cabinets are available in various heights and drawer configurations to meet unique storage demands and are designed to save space and permit efficient material organization.

  • Cabinet entry requires a password and is tracked by the CRIBWARE software.
  • Cost and usage tracking parameters may be used to restrict unlocking cabinetry.
  • Cabinet unlocks for item issuing, returning, receiving, restocking and transferring, and locks at the completion of the activity.
  • Stock Supervisor controls up to ten cabinets with one master station.
  • Existing Lista cabinets may be retrofitted with e-Lock controls.
  • Emergency unlock is available.
  • Cabinets are available in various heights and drawer configurations, with customizable drawer compartments.


  • Easy to implement. Easy to learn. Easy to use.
  • Items are secure until needed and are managed by the CRIBWARE system, providing multi-level security and dynamic reporting capabilities.
  • Reduces inventory levels while improving inventory accuracy and accountability.
  • Automatically reorder and inventory level management.
  • Reduces shrinkage and increases security.
  • Utilizes bar code technology to improve accuracy, efficiency and user acceptance.
  • Items may be stored at the work center where they are needed.
  • Provides decentralized item control for use on the plant floor in restricted access cabinets.
  • Standard cabinetry with flexible item storage.

Stock Supervisor Self Check out

The CRIBWARE Stock Supervisor Self Check out provides:

  • Ease of item selection - the user sees and can touch the actual item;
  • Accurate search - the user selects by sight and feel, not a part number;
  • Accurate data collection-the bar code scanner doesn't make mistakes;
  • Fast issuance - one bar code scan equals quantity one, two scans equals quantity two of the same item;
  • Quick returns - simply scan the bar code label;
  • Fragile item control and handling-the item does not drop or require repackaging;
  • Easy to learn - no keys to push.

Bar Code Integration

CRIBWARE bar code technology offers simple, accurate and cost effective data collection solutions that may be attached to your Stock Supervisor cabinet. These solutions include:

  • Easy one-step printingof bar code labels.
  • Labels may be printed on demand.
  • Wedge Readers (corded and RF scanners) for economical label scanning.



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